King George V Ground
~ Archival Photographs ~

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Shurdington Juniors 1980
Back Row (l to r): J Udollorous, G Proud, N Birt, S Morgan, A Morgan, S Hinton, H Antonius, G Mills, D Moore.
Middle Row (l to r): P Miles, G Moore, P Box, W Middleton, L Peebles, J Mitchell, R McNeill
Front Row (l to r): D Salter, ?, P Mitchell, P Bloomfield, S Moore, C Miles, I Bloomfield.
(with thanks to Steve Moore for supplying the above names)

Shurdington Football Team of 1978/79
Back Row (l to r): Julian Mitchell (Manager), Joe Canavan , Steve Rogers , Nick 'Harpic' Harrison, Crissey Day, Spud hunt, ?, Jon Smart (current linesman)
Middle Row (l to r): Bob White (now Manager and runs the team), Gerard Canavan , Stuart Mitchell (Capt.), George Cozens, ?.
Front Row (l to r):Steve Udolllerous, Mike 'Gooney' Canavan, Billy Knight. 
(with thanks to Struan Mitchell for supplying the above names)
Shurdington Cricket Team (Year not known)
Back (l to r)
: Mr Rose, Frank Middleton ? G Williams, D Moore, T Newman, C Field, B Knight ? ? Muirhead ?, Mr Durney.
Middle: K Knight, S Morgan, ?, N Burt,?
Front:  R Brown, C Durney, D Durney, G Moore, C Miles,  H Antonious
(Boy on right background is Steve Moore who supplied some of the names)

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