SHURDINGTON, Gloucestershire
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The Staff at Hitch's Pedigree Poultry Farm in Brookfield Road in 1933.  Sid Richings is on top of the cart with (front from left) foreman Fred Hunt, Brian ?, D Ellemore, and George Clinton. The old King's Head Public House on the main road (the high central house) nestling alongside the still flourishing Cedar Tree.  Cottages now demolished and replaced by new housing. Period family photograph taken outside the New Inn at Shurdington (now the Cheese Rollers).  It dates from about 1911 and shows Mr A F J Tombs driving one of his hand built carts, with his wife and three nieces as passengers.
(Ed. the Good Skittle Alley is still very much in existance)
A splendid photograph of what appears to be a fete possibly taken in the field opposite the Bell Inn Public House, in Leckhampton Lane.  Notice the dignitaries with sashes, police officer on the right, gipsy type caravans, and multiple swings on the far left under what appears to be a water tower. Front Gate and Garden of THE LAWN, next to King's Head Public House and the famous Cedar Tree on the main road.
This house gave rise to the new road and housing estate built on the back, now named Lawn Crescent.

It was quite safe for children to play in the street when this photograph of the New Inn, Shurdington was taken in the early part of this century. The popular pub which fronts onto the busy main road was renamed The Cheese Rollers.  The then landlady, Mrs Anderson, said that the tree in front of the pub had long since disappeared. A photo taken in 1918 shows the tree as gone already. Photo loaned to the Chronicle by Mr. George Hulbert of Swindon Farm, Swindon Village.
Cycling Race passing down the Main Road in 1952. Of note is the lack of any other traffic, with cyclists venturing in the middle of the road. A fascinating Invoice by the resident Wheelwright & Smith, Mr J Pick, made out to Miss Wells for putting a new roof on Poplar Farm house, guttering and ancillary works; all for a total of 75.9s.6d - dated July 1905. A Group photograph taken outside the old Village Hall (the Malt House of the King's Head Inn - now demolished) in Church Lane, during the Victory Parade. 
Thanks to David Shrimpton, who was born in Shurdington and lived here many years. This is a photo he sent of what was the only village shop in Shurdington somewhere near the top of Badgeworth Lane.  Can anyone pinpoint its exact location? David said: This photo taken around 1947, shows the Shurdington Stores, the only retailer in the village at the time. I believe Mr and Mrs Roberts traded here from at least 1938. At a guess it closed in the late 60s. The shop, converted to a house is situated on the main road almost opposite the end of Badgeworth Lane. The man standing in the doorway is unknown to me, the other two are Mr Roberts and my Mother Rose Shrimpton. Best wishes Dave Shrimpton Horace Day & Vera Willis request the pleasure of the company of Mrs Sue Morgan at their Mother's 100th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION PARTY at Atherton House, Atherton Close, Shurdington, Cheltenham. Saturday December 30th 1978 at 8pm.   

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