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Jubilee 1977 - Brownies The Golden Link in the old Social Centre. Jubilee 1977 - Scouts
A group of mums and children.
(Date & Occasion???)
Shurdington Guides on Camp. Shurdington Boy Scouts.
The early days.

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The British Telecom sub-station on the main road.

Women's Institute
Millennium Photo - Jan 2000

Shurdington St.John's Badgers (now closed)

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An example of topiary (recently vandalised)

Another example of topiary.

Entrance to the
Greenway Hotel.

A wooden sculpture 2001
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...and an earlier photo circa 1900 (Pub now closed).

Site of the King's Head Inn top of Church Lane The Oddfellows Arms pub on the A46 circa 1935...
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Shurdington W.I. 50th Anniversary - 1982 Just five local residents.
(Who are they? and when?)
A WI outing.
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The first Beaver Colony formed in 1991.

The first girl invested as a Scout with Shurdington

The first Venture Scouts, invested in Badgeworth Church bell tower -1991.

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Shurdington Scout Group at the opening of Millennium Hall on 13th June 1998.

The first annual Christmas Party for Senior Citizens - December 1991. The unforgettable Venture Unit graffiti in the old Social Centre caretaker flat.

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