PARISH MEETING held in the village hall, Shurdington.
on Thursday 26th March, 1959 at 7.30.p.m.                                  

Present:- The Chairman - Mr. F.W.J.Holliday and
About 60 local government electors.

The minutes of the last Meeting held on the 27th March, 1958 were read and approved as a true record and signed.

Social Community and Recreational Centre

The chairman informed the Meeting that the Parish Council had been in communication with the Cheltenham R.D.C. regarding the possibility that the hostel in Church Lane (Ed: fronting Bishop Road) might be made available to the Village for use as a social centre (Ed: the name Social Centre appears to have been 'born' on these minutes!) when the present use of the property as a mental hostel ceased.  the value of the buildings, which were owned by the Ministry of Health, had been assessed at 500, and if both buildings and land were acquired a further sum would have to be added to this figure to cover the cost of the land which was owned by the R.D.C. (Rural District Council).

Information was supplied to the Parish Meeting with reference to the scheme recommended by Gloucestershire Community Council for the acquisition and management of community centres and village halls, under which the hostel could be acquired in accordance with the provisions of a model Trust Deed approved by the Community Council.  This deed also set out conditions and arrangements for the conducting and management of the property by a Committee of Management constituted of representatives of the various bodies and organisations which would use it.  The scheme further provided that the property should be acquired by two trustees appointed by the electors for that purpose, and that subsequently they would apply to have the property vested in the Official trustee of Charity Lands.

The Chairman further stated that the expense of purchasing, adapting and equipping the property to make it suitable as a village centre would qualify for grant aid through the Community Council if the scheme was carried through as a voluntary one, whereas no grant would be forthcoming if the project was undertaken by the Parish Council.

The Chairman reported that in view of the possible effect of the proposal on the existing village hall, the position had been reviewed by the Trustees of the hall, when they intimated that they were sympathetically disposed towards the acquisition of the hostel, and that at a later date they would consider the possible disposal of the village hall in the light of progress on the hostel scheme.

After discussion, it was resolved that steps would be taken with a view to the purchase and adaptation of the hostel for use as a social centre for the benefit of the inhabitants of Shurdington, the scheme to be carried through as a voluntary one on the lines recommended by Gloucestershire Community Council, and the Mr. F.W.J. Holliday and Mr. G.W. Cowcher be and are hereby appointed trustees to acquire the property on behalf of the village.


It was further resolved that a public meeting be convened for the purpose of appointing a Management Committee consisting of representatives of the village bodies and organisations, and to consider details of the scheme, the means of raising funds and other matters relevant to the project.

(Minutes kindly lent by Mr. Ken Twinning)

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