The History of The Greenway.

The Greenway takes its name from the pre-Roman path which runs beside the hotel to the hills behind and leads to Long-Barrow, an early burial site and the remains of a pre-Iron Age fort dating back 5,000 years.

"Green Way" meant grove road or sheep road, and must therefore have been one of the safe walkways through the surrounding hillsides when lowlands were covered in marsh and forest, and inhabited by wild animals.

The land upon which The Greenway stands was originally known as The Little Shurdington Estate, and first records show that it belonged to the family Lawrence (or Laurence) as early as 1521. The Lawrence family, who date back to 1191, originated from Lancashire and it was assumed they were in the wool trade and used Gloucester Docks, hence their interest in an estate near Cheltenham.

William Lawrence inherited the estate in 1584 and records show that he commenced building the house immediately. By 1616, the manor was well established, as it appears in the Court Manorial Rolls of that year. William Lawrence's son, William then inherited the estate in 1638 and his second wife, Dulcibella inherited it on his death in 1682.

In 1736, Dulcibella died, and the estate passed to William's godson Littleton Lawrence. The Lawrence family eventually sold the estate in 1854 and it was bought by Colonel Godfrey. In 1909 the Venerable Archdeacon Sinclair of Hatherley purchased it, selling it to George Constable Hayes in 1919.

In 1946 the house was again sold and opened as an hotel in 1947

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