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Undertaken in 1964 / 65
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Although not a large cave complex by any means, the chambers left by the massive
rock fall through the millennia reduced the cave into a series of chambers
connected by holes and cracks in between boulders.

Both for safety reasons, and in order to better record all the findings, it was
decided to carry out an accurate survey with compass and tape, noting the direction of
lay of the chamber and passages in relation to the remaining cliff face, and their measurement.  These are the
original surveys. Unfortunately some of the measurements have not been traced but will be included if found.

The sketches were made on site and are as accurate as need be for the purpose. Their accuracy was proven by an incident which occurred during the MTV filming. Charles Grech accidentally dropped his lens cap on the boulders in the upper levels, and it could be heard proceeding down into the labyrinth. By superimposing the upper and lower plans together, in relation to the cliff face, we were able to pinpoint in which chamber it should have landed. It was found the next day.

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with Compass Directions & Measurements

SurveyA.jpg (60918 bytes) SurveyB.jpg (60856 bytes) SurveyCD.jpg (78974 bytes) SurveyE.jpg (52938 bytes)
Chamber A Chamber B Chamber C-D Chamber E
F.jpg (83952 bytes) G.jpg (79392 bytes) G1.jpg (76391 bytes) H.jpg (71391 bytes)
Chamber F Chamber G Chamber G1 Chamber H
J.jpg (81063 bytes) K.jpg (87812 bytes) M.jpg (96254 bytes) N.jpg (80962 bytes)
Chamber J Chamber K Chamber M Chamber N
O.jpg (83324 bytes) P.jpg (95277 bytes) P1.jpg (93201 bytes) P2.jpg (87995 bytes)
Chamber O Chamber P Chamber P1 Chamber P2
Q.jpg (90766 bytes)
Chamber Q

... to be continued.

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