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Have a bash – a series of activities perhaps run in base fashion, Patrols spending a short time at each base before moving to the next.

Physical dexterity

# Stand on one leg blindfolded for one minute without moving from a given spot marked out with chalk on the ground.

# Hold a Scout stave or other light spar horizontally with both hands in front of you. Swing it back and forward six times and jump over it without leaving hold.

# Balance a Scout stave or light spar on the tip of one finger for one minute.

# Skip 30 forward and 30 backwards without stopping.

# Do 15 press-ups, clapping your hands on the rise.


#Demonstrate the fireman’s lift and the four-hand lift.

#Put a knee bandage on your own knee using your neckerchief.

#Estimate the height of a given feature in the locality (tower, spire, tree, flagstaff, and telegraph pole)

# Set a map using a Silva compass

# Be able to secure a rope to a pole using the Highwayman’s hitch

General proficiency

# Change the wheel on a car

# The lights have fused. How would you deal with this situation?

# Demonstrate how to sharpen a knife using an oilstone.

# Be able to direct a stranger from one point of your town to another not less than 1 kilometre away.

# Demonstrate the proper use of three garden tools

Arts and crafts

# Make a whistle from a piece of sycamore twig

# From memory draw the outline of the tallest building in your locality

# Make two decorative knots

# With your fingernail, tap out the rhythm of any two well – known songs on a table.

  1. Patrols make a rope ladder and use it to climb a tree or a pioneering tower.

  2. Each Patrol is given three tin cans, which they can only use to cross an area of poisoned ground. The first Scout crosses the ground and then rolls the cans back to the next member. quickest Patrol across to safety wins.

  3. Puzzling paragraph – Give a copy of the following paragraph to the members of your Patrols and see how long it takes them to solve the puzzle :-

‘How quickly can you find out what is unusual about this paragraph? It looks so ordinary that you would think nothing is wrong with it at all and, in fact, nothing is. It is still distinctly odd, though. If you study it for a bit you may find out what is missing. Who Knows? Go to work and try your skill.’

The answer is simply that, although the letter ‘e’ is the most commonly used letter in the English alphabet, it does not appear at all in the given paragraph.

502. Have your Patrols ever –

# Slept in a home – made hammock,

# Built a tree house with your Patrol,

# Made twists over a campfire,

# Assist in the running of a Cub meeting with other Patrol Leaders,

# Built a Morse code generator,

# Cured the skin of a rabbit you have skinned yourself.

# Spent a weekend with your Patrol tidying up a garden of an elderly neighbour,

# Spent a weekend practising survival techniques,

# Gone on a cycling or canoeing expedition with your Patrol

503. Run a ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition. Some suggestions might include:

#Shower bath. One player on roller-skates in centre standing on a small board. Outside a circular area another player throws water filled balloons to his partner from piles placed around the circular outer rim.

#Stilts. Player using tin can stilts race down course – over bench, round poles, over steps etc. bursts balloon at end of course. Quickest time wins.

#Sack football. Players, 8 per side wearing a sack each as would be the case in a sack race. Game played as per soccer. First Patrol to score wins.

#Wheelbarrow netball – one player picks up a ball and is carried in a wheelbarrow by his partner towards the basketball net. The Scout in the barrow then tries to place ball in net. Team whom scores the most nets in the time allowed.

#Froggy waiters – Three players per team, all wearing swimming flippers, carry a tray bearing one cup of water down a course. The course should include a number of items. One players carries tray to a point and other player carries it to next point and so on. Water is collected in container at end of course. Team with most water in time allowed is winner.

#Bumpy – ride – One player pushes a wheelbarrow in which sits a team mate holding a bucket of water over a course of poles. The empty the water remaining in a container. Team with water in time allowed is winner.

#Stepping stones. Using a number of stepping-stones made with cardboard, teams cross a course in quickest time.

#Cycle –o-rama. A circular course is created and two bikes provided. Two players start at different points and cycle around set markers to arrive at box of ball. Each player gets a ball and tries to throw it into a bin placed in the middle of the course. Most balls collected in time allowed wins.

#In an emergency how fast could you mobilise your troop or Patrols? Work out a method that will enable you to mobilise your Troop within an hour or two. Then try it out perhaps as part of a wide game

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