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Here you will find any contributions we receive from the young members, like pictures, prayers, craft work, drawings and anything worth sharing.

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Alex's World Badge Emma's Cub Craig's Xmas Card Cubs Thank-you Card for Fire Station visit.

Some prayers written by Cubs.

Dear Lord
Please let me have good health, let me have friends. Please let me try my best, let me have clothes, let the granny be better. Please let me have 1 million pounds for the granny. Please stop my sister being annoying. ARMEN.

Dear Lord
I hope that there will be no more wars and there will be peace all over the world. Thank you for all the food we eat, clothes we wear, and help every single poor person in the world. I hope that everyone will enjoy themselves. In Jesus name. AMEN.

Dear Lord
Please help me on the Klodo ruins on Guardians Crusade Playstation game. AMEN.

Dear God,
I hope you can make my cat better because he fell off the fridge. He had swollen his chin very badly. I hope he will get better. I hope the year 2000 will be a successful year and my wishes will come true. Thank you for all the things I have.

Dear Lord
Please may you stop all war and suffering in other countries. Please may you bring peace to the world. Thank you for my life. Thank you for all other good things in my life. Thank you for good times such as birthdays and holidays. AMEN.

Dear God
Thank you for sports such as football. You made me good at that. Thank you for food we eat. Thank you for letting me polay at Wembley. Thank you for good entertainment that makes me laugh. Thank you for my family which I love. Thank you for clean water. Thank you for my life.

Dear Lord
Please help my granny move into Cheltenham from Swansea and pray that she doesn't get worried that she won't be organised on the trip from USA to Britain. AMEN.

Dear God
I pray I will have a good life and a good child and you look after my sister, mum and dad. AAREMEN

Dear God
I hope that all the people in other countries will live a long time and all the football teams win the league and I hope there are not as many accidents in the year 2000 so I hope all my wished come true. AMEN.

Dear Lord
Thank you for my football and all the other things in life. I wish that poor people would have as much stuff as me. AMEN


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