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Becoming a member of Shurdington Scout Group, better known as 15th Cheltenham, is simple.

Step 1: Download the Application Form, and fill it in. (DO NOT download as text file - please download as pdf, fill in, scan to email, or just post)

Step 2: E-Mail the Administrator and ask for address to post or mail direct to scouts @  (remove spaces)    

Step 3. Kindly fill in the Gift Aid form if one of the household earn a salary and pay tax. Date should be date your child joined the Group

Step 4: E-Mail or Post the Application Form. Details you submit are kept in strict confidence.

All Sections currently meet in their Shurdington HQ, the Millennium Hall of Shurdington Social Centre, Beavers & Cubs on Mondays, and Scouts on Fridays or as advised, during term time only, as follows. Membership is currently 35 per school term with reduction for siblings.

Click for more info. Section Age Range Meeting times
beaver_logo.gif (2395 bytes) Beaver Colony 5 3/4 to 8 years Mondays -  4.30pm to 5:45pm
cub_logo.gif (1768 bytes) Cub Pack 8 to 10+ years Mondays - 6:00pm to 7.15pm
scout_logo.gif (1189 bytes) Scout Troop 10+ to 14+ years Fridays - 10 1/2 to 14 yr olds 7.00pm to 8:30pm

Over 14's can join a local an Explorer Unit, and over 18's may join the Scout Network which is a group of Scouts willing to offer some help and support to Gloucestershire County Scouts Association.

During their Explorer years they may also become Young Leaders and help one of the younger Sections. Very worthwhile.

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