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BPs grave in Kenya

was born at 6 Stanhope Street (now 11 Stanhope Terrace), Paddington, London on February 22, 1857. He was the sixth son and the eighth of ten children of the Reverend Baden-Powell, a Professor at Oxford University. The names Robert Stephenson were those of his Godfather, the son of George Stephenson, the railway pioneer. In 1938 he moved to Kenya to spend the last days of his life in Africa which he loved. He finally passed away on January 8th 1941. In his belongings was his last message to Scouts throughout the world.
Listen to: Baden-Powell Address to Wolf Cubs 1910 (mp3)

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1949 - THE GROUP'S HISTORY (currently being written...) - 1999

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Milestones in our
50 year history
15th Cheltenham (Shurdington) Scout Group was first registered in February 1949 by Leonard Trainer, and started life in the old village hall behind the present Social Centre. A prefabricated hut was bought from Aschurch Army Headquarters some years later and this was erected in the grounds of St. Paul's Church by kind permission of Canon Lambert.

Right: LEONARD TRAINER wearing the new Shurdington neckerchief colours Emerald Green with Orange Border

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FirstScouts1949dpi600.jpg (21216 bytes) The FIRST SCOUTS in 1949
FirstCubs1949dpi600.jpg (25109 bytes) The FIRST CUBS in 1949
Old Scout Hut.jpg (115368 bytes) In the early 1980's the hut became dilapidated and the Group moved to the old caretaker's quarters of the Land Army Girl's hostel, later used as the school kitchen and dining area, and village meeting hall.
HelenInvest_small.jpg (2208 bytes) In 1991 girls were admitted to the Scout Movement by Royal Charter. Shurdington was the first Group to invest a girl, Helen Grinnell.
FirstVentures.jpg (20732 bytes) Shortly after we formed a Venture Unit, and several were invested in the Bell Tower of Badgeworth Church.

In 1996 the old hall was demolished and replaced with our new Scout Headquarters, the Millennium Hall which was opened in June 1998.

50th-mag.gif (31657 bytes) In February 1999 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary in style. A party was organised at which many of the original Cubs, Scouts and Leaders were present. Also invited were the children of Leonard Trainer.  They kindly presented us with a silver cup which is now being awarded to the best Beaver, Cub and Scout.

We also buried a time Capsule in the rear area of the Millennium garden.

A special edition of Groundsheet', the then quarterly magazine, was published, giving the history of the group in some detail, accompanied with many old photos and illustrations.

  In 2002 the Scout Movement started a new Programme & launched a new Image - Shurdington supported the changes and implemented them as soon as appropriate.


The full story unfolds soon...............

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