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88-Uroczysko / 15th Cheltenham (SHURDINGTON)
The Weather in Szczecin
See 88-Uroczysko's special news page on our website

Shurdington Scouts' B.P. Centenary Camp - Poland Feb 2007

In February 2006 an e-mail was received from Alicia Lawniczak, Scout Leader of the Polish Scout Group 88-uroczysko

I found your e-mail on your group's website and decided to write. I'm a scouts leader in Poland as well, I have girls and boys age 10-14 in my group. We would like to contact any English team, write some letters, send pictures etc as we are taking part in the project "one world one promise" (I hope you know this project...). Are you interested?
I am waiting for an answer, alunia88 @ is my e-mail address. If you want to visit our website as well we invite you:
Ala Lawniczak


Our Scout Leader Louise Slee wrote back indicating our interest in communication and learning more.

Along came another e-mail, this time with an attachment telling us about their Group with colour pictures. See their letter HELLO FROM POLAND 

As I promised before, we wrote a short letter describing us. I hope you'll
enjoy it. Please, show it to your scouts. We also send you some pictures
so that you can see us. We're waiting for any answer.
If there are any problems please contact me.
Keep warm

SL Louise Slee replied, and the Troop made up a letter with photographs which was e-mailed to Ala.  See our reply OUR SCOUT GROUP

Ala sent an e-mail back with a document and photographs explaining...but read on..... See their POLISH SCOUT GROUP EXPLAINED

As I promised we write back. We prepared a short letter showing what does Scouting in Poland look like. I saw the site about European Scouting and I really liked it. I think we can take part in it with your Group. The 'EUR hopping' sounds great, it's something we are going to do so we can register there.
We thought about a name for our project. 'Scouting-connecting people' was our idea. Now we can just keep changing information about Scouting in Poland and in England and then make something bigger having this information.
I think it's a great idea what you said in your last letter- about meeting each other. It's the best thing we can do as a part of our project.
Of course we invite you here, to Szczecin. If you decide to come here just let me know and we'll think together when and how we can do it.
We're waiting for an answer from your Group and I'm waiting for any answer from you- about the project and about visiting Poland.
Write back soon
Love, Ala"

Monday 21st March 2006 - Kate and Alice spent their Troop night composing another letter explaining all about Scouting in UK. in the meantime Scouts Charlotte, Hanna and Dan, doing their Photographer badge, were given projects to take some particular photographs in our HQ. These were combined with the letter and made up our new bit of news for our new Polish friends.     KATE & ALICE'S LETTER + CHARLOTTE, HANNA & DAN'S PICS.

A Typical Day at Shurdington Scouts

88-Uroczysko's film made Dec2006

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