It all started with a visit to the Barn Owl Centre in Brockworth by the Beavers. S/L Louise Slee thought it a good idea if the Troop could be involved in a project of making owl nesting boxes and finding somewhere to place them in Shurdington.
With the help of Vince Jones of the Barn Owl Centre, and John Godsell, a parent and also expert woodworker, measurements and photos were taken of an owl nesting box.
The next few weeks were spent with each Patrol visiting the owl centre and flying owls, and also making boxes. Four boxes were made and on 7th April 2003, the Troop walked to the secret site in Shurdington and Vince went about finding suitable trees a fair distance from each other. Three were identified and the first three boxes were erected some 12 feet off the ground.
A G.P.S. gadget was used by Vince to record the precise location of the nesting boxes. This will be entered in a National Database of some 300 nesting boxes in 6 counties. This project will earn the Scouts their Environment Badge.

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KALN - Photo copyright Barn Owl Centre Here's one Vince made earlier. Gizmo - Photo copyright Barn Owl Centre
BarnOwlSite1.jpg (77370 bytes) BarnOwlSite2.jpg (83841 bytes) BarnOwlSite3.jpg (49242 bytes) BarnOwlSite4.jpg (63550 bytes)
Vince explaining the angle of the ladder needs to be low for safety. Choosing the right height and direction.  Off for the first nesting box. Vince Jones demonstrating how to carry a heavy box up the ladder.
BarnOwlSite5.jpg (56768 bytes) BarnOwlSite6.jpg (57730 bytes) BarnOwlSite7.jpg (84151 bytes) BarnOwlSite9.jpg (65156 bytes)
So! any volunteers?... ...O.K. I'll do it then. Box No.1 going up... ...and being nailed to the tree.
BarnOwlSite10.jpg (74854 bytes) BarnOwlSite11.jpg (35879 bytes) BarnOwlSite12.jpg (55738 bytes) BarnOwlSite13.jpg (60332 bytes)
An historic picture - the Scouts who made it, and watched it being fixed. Taking it's position with a G.P.S. No. 2 box can go on this old oak tree. How's that look?
BarnOwlSite14.jpg (61970 bytes) BarnOwlSite15.jpg (37882 bytes) BarnOwlSite16.jpg (67543 bytes) BarnOwlSiteJohnGodsell.jpg (22094 bytes)
No.2 box fixed.  Now for the last one... This old tree looks just right. John Godsell received a token gift from Louise Slee for his hard work in making the nesting boxes.

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