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Twinned With
88-Uroczysko Scouts, Szczecin, Poland
Our Camp in Szczecin, Poland Feb 2007
Jeden Swiat Jedno Przyrzeczenie - One World One Promise
Guest Book - Wpisz się!
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Our Friends from 88-Uroczysko Scout Group

Planning Meeting 15th & 88th Scout Leaders
London October 2007

One World One Promise - A Meeting of two Scout Groups in 2007 Historic Photo Albums
(Slide show Press F11 for full screen then Click on first picture.)

A short video - A long memory

Wednesday 31st October - Arrival - Halloween Party

Thursday 1st November - Visit to London

Friday 2nd November - Ala's 18th B'day - Mayor - School - Barn Dance

Saturday 3rd November - Gloucester Cathedral - Waterways Museum - Cranham - Crickley Hill

Sunday 4th November - Malvern Splash - Evening Party

Monday 5th November - Cheltenham - and a sad Farwell

A Mixture of Memories of our Meeting

A meeting of two Scout Troops - Szczecin, Poland & Shurdington, UK
At Shurdington - 31st October to 5th November 2007
Sponsored by
British Council learning home

FINAL PROGRAMME - Download pdf form

Click for Szczecin, Poland Forecast

How our Twinning with 88-Uroczysko Scouts started in February 2006
Shurdington Scouts' B.P. Centenary Camp - Poland 21 to 25 Feb 2007
88-Uroczysko Blog Website
BBC Radio Gloucestershire article - Polish Community in Gloucestershire
Harry Potter camp in Poland - Video


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Their 'memories corner' with some of our memories too. 88's 18th Birthday card Nov2006 Morda's 'mis' WYDYMEK wearing our special t-shirt... ...and with Czuwaj! 'Be Prepared' on teddy's back.

88's meeting Friday 16th March 07 - Morda's Hamburger evening - a video

Marzanna - a Polish tradition - Seeing out the Winter; seeing in the Spring.
Shurdington's first attempt at seeing the Winter out by burning Marzanna - March 2007 - A Video

Marzanna is a Slavic goddess. She is most often believed to be a Goddess of harvest and witchcraft. Her name is based on the Slavic root Mor, used in words such as "confusion", "peril", "nightmare" and "death".
The Burning of Morena is a traditional folk festivals and still survives in Slovakia. The Drowning or burning of Marzanna is a traditional folk fest in some parts of Poland. The two festivals are to symbolically welcome the spring and bury the winter. The ritual involves burning of a straw mannequin representing Marzanna. Photos sent by Ala of their festival in March 2004&6, on 21st March which is the first day of spring.
(Click on each picture to enlarge)

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A Tour of Shurdington - Google Video

88-U's meeting Friday 23 March - Marzanna - milego ogladania! enjoy watching!

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