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In June 2003 every household in the Borough should have received a special recycling box and calendar giving collection dates. For residents living in places where individual boxes are not practical (flats, residential homes) special recycling bins will be provided instead.

Boxes will be emptied every two weeks, and your normal weekly refuse collection will stay the same.

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Items to be put in the box
Please don't put in your box
Food & Drink Cans
(please give them a rinse if possible. If you squash them down
you'll be able to fit more in your box!)



White office paper

Glass bottles and jars
(but no milk bottles, Pyrex, window glass, spectacles, mirror glass,
drinking glasses, broken glass)


Ceramics and crockery

*Yellow Pages or BT directories


*Garden Waste


*These items can be recycled at Recycling Centres
throughout Tewkesbury Borough.

Dont forget to put your box out by 7am on your collection day (see list)

For more information call
Tewkesbury Borough Council on:
01684 272185

If you are unable to manage to place your box near to the kerbside please call 01684 272185 and we can arrange for it to be collected from your front/ back door.

Gloucestershire's 'Get it Sorted' Waste Campaign will be assisting the Borough Council in promoting the scheme. The Campaign provides helpful advice on how to reduce waste in the home. For more information call 0870 241 6206 or visit www.getitsorted.org.

Please help us reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and use your box!

If you have any queries regarding the service please contact Jessica Howell (Recycling Officer) on 01684 272185


Every year the residents of Tewkesbury Borough throw away nearly 30,000 Tonnes of rubbish.
Every day we throw away rubbish wasting valuable resources which could be re-used or recycled into new products. The majority of waste in the UK is deposited in holes in the ground called landfills and every nine months we produce enough waste to fill Lake Windermere. Currently up to 85% of domestic rubbish is landfilled, 10% is incinerated and only 5% is recycled. Nearly 50% of household waste is recyclable. The costs of disposal is increasing as well as the demand for more space.

What is in my bin?
16.7% Paper & Card
51.6% Organic waste
3.4% Glass
5.4% Metal
11.2% Plastics
3.7% Textiles
21% Miscellaneous

     (Tewkesbury waste analysis figures)
Recycling waste saves valuable raw materials, energy and protects the environment. It is up to everybody as waste producers to think about what we do with our waste.

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