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Millennium Young Families Group

New Drop-In Centre for pre-school children in Shurdington

A monthly ‘One Stop’ drop-in for young families launches in Shurdington in March 2006.

“The idea for the Shurdington Millennium Young Families Group was created following on from discussions between health visitors based at two GP surgeries, Portland and Leckhampton. It is hoped that the Young Families Group will offer easy access to a number of agencies including health visitors, housing (Severn Vale), home safety advice and dental health promotion. It is hoped that other agencies will attend in future in response to requests of families in the area who attend.”

The PCT is publicising the ‘drop-in’ across the area with a particularly ‘eye-catching’ poster. Health visitors:

“The local Playgroup welcomed the idea of a monthly drop-in and has helped the project group with designing the poster with their children’s artwork.”

The group will be launched at the Millennium Hall, Shurdington on Thursday 2nd March 2006 between 1.30pm and 3.00pm. It will then be held on the first Thursday of each month between 1.30 and 3pm. All families with pre school children in Shurdington will be receiving an invitation very soon.

Drawings by children at Shurdington Playgroup

Services available will include:

Health Visitors, Severn Vale Housing, Home safety & Dental care.


Social Centre

~ Millennium Hall

The child clinic is available from 1.30pm to 3pm on the first Thursday every month.

The dates for the remainder of 2006 are:

Thursday 2nd March
Thursday 6th April
Thursday 2nd May
Thursday 1st June
Thursday 6th July
Thursday 3rd August
Thursday 7th September
Thursday 5th  October
Thursday 2nd November
Thursday 7th December


Contact: Lynn Tew
Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Primary Care Trust
(01242) 548800
if would like more information

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