Jowett Jupiter Car - A Query awaiting a Solution

An email recently received. Kindly email paulcg @ if you have any information which could prove useful

"It's a bit of an unusual query relating to the village history and I will explain briefly. In 1990 I purchased a car from a chap who lived in Gretton, Winchcombe, only 10 miles from Shurdington. It had been standing in a barn for about 12 years unloved and I recovered it to my home in West Yorks - where the car was originally manufactured in Bradford. I then spent many years restoring the car - picture attached. The car is a very rare  Jowett Jupiter sports car built in 1952 and sold by Steeles of Cirencester  in August of 1952 (now Gardiners Household Store, Dyer Street), and went to its new home in Chalford about 25 miles from Shurdington .
The car spent all its early life in and around  the Gloucestershire area and in about 1978 was owned by a chap called Bob Sinclair of Shurdington and that is only contact details I have for the then owner. I have only recently established this, via the world marques expert on this model of car, who found out that Bob had the car for sale at that time. As a hobby and pastime, I have spent the last 20 plus years on and off trying to trace its history and have had some success.  Even finding its very wealthy original owner. Lots of local people have been kind enough to assist and I spent a week in the area tracking contacts down. Plus, I also had an article reported in the Wilts & Gloucestershire Herald, in their 'The way we were' columns.
However, I have a big gap around the time Mr Bob Sinclair owned the car and the only other vague detail I know is that he may have been keen on motor sport, as I know the car was bought from the car park of the famous Prescott hill climb run by the Bugatti Owners Club around the time Bob owned it..

I hoped, given your obvious significant involvement in village activities, if you knew of any remaining members of Bob Sinclair's family locally? I have found that people are very interested to hear of what has become of this special car and it brings back many happy memories of outings and even the coming of a first child in one instance - the car had to be sold for a family car to accommodate the baby!
I am really looking to establish contact with anyone who may be able to help me or family relating to Mr Bob Sinclair of Shurdington.  I suspect that as the car was a classic car in 1978, he may have been of an age where he is probably sadly no longer with us.

Any details no matter how small seem always turn out to be relevant. In a Pub near Chalford, the locals were very interested and welcoming, resulting in an old chap telling me he remembered the car being driven around the area and I finally tracked down its first owner living in Wales."

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